Show And Tell Earings

I didn’t necessarily mean to have two jewelry related show and tell entries in a row, but when Janet Stewart and JoAnn Ryder came in last week with their fantastic earrings, I couldn’t help but snag their photo.  The bangles on Janet’s set were the perfect shade for her skin.  And the feathers on JoAnn’s set were such a fun teal color – a perfect compliment to the rest of her outfit that day.

I’ve never pierced my ears, but whenever I see fun earrings like these I always think I should take the plunge.  Honestly though, I don’t think I’d wear them with as much joie de vivre as these two ladies.  So I’m content to admire fun pieces on others!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you love to wear for certain occasions?  Tell me about it in the comments.  And thank you JoAnn & Janet for allowing me to share your photo here.

We’ll see what catches my eye this week here at the winery.  Maybe it will be you!  Cheers!