WWWW #41

This week brought lots of interesting health news to the web along with many other articles that I’d like to share.  Find a nice glass of wine and enjoy all the reading!

I think I’ll dig right into all the health news.  The Drinks Business rounds up their top 10 health-related claims of alcohol and a bit of the science behind the claims.  While NPR reports that wine may help prevent bone loss in women.  Two separate articles report on a new transgenic yeast that may help alleviate allergic reactions to red wine: find the first article here and the second article here.

Moving on, but not too far away, this article is about a new scientific grape research alliance being formed in the state.

The Huffington post had two articles that caught my eye.  The first links wine and the future of tomatoes, while the second article takes on wine and food pairing.

After last week’s slew of conterfeit wine, The Drinks Business also weighed in on conterfeit wines this week.

Google announced that alcohol products have been dropped from it’s products listing service.

And finally, I’ll end on an article from Wine and Vines that reports that more women are finding winemaking jobs in premium wineries than ever before.

Hope you found at least a few of these articles interesting this week!  Cheers!