Cleaning Tanks

Clyde spent a day racking wine on Wednesday.  He and I thought you might like to peek at what the dregs of the tank look like after a fermentation is over.  The buildup on the door of the tank is a combination of tartrate crystals and yeast cells. The liquid coming out includes both of those things, plus a small bit of wine and some water that he used to rinse down the tank after moving all the clear wine over to a clean tank.

Today Clyde is clearing out the main cellar so that we can host the band that plays tomorrow in indoors in case it rains.  So if you are looking to get out and relax tomorrow, come on by!  We’ll be open from 11am-6pm and will feature a local band called Special 20 tomorrow from 2-5pm.

Here’s a little you tube listen to Special 20:

Hope you all can join us this weekend!  We’ll also be hosting live music on Sunday from 2-5pm and the tasting room will be open on Monday from 11-6.  Cheers!

We’ll Be Safe In The Cellar

The prediction is for oodles of rain left over from Hurricane Isaac on Saturday this weekend.  So Clyde will be clearing out the wine cellar and setting up the stage indoors.  If you are looking for something to do to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, then grab your picnic basket, your umbrella, your sense of adventure, and come on out to the winery for the afternoon.

The tasting room will be open from 11am-6pm throughout the weekend, and we’ll have live music from 2-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Hope you can come join us!

WWWW #47

I didn’t have much time to check out articles this week, so this WWWW entry is pretty short.  Keep your eye out for our monthly newsletter in your inbox tomorrow too!

US wine news made two of the articles I read this week.  The first article is more news about the drought in the midwest and the impact on our wines.  The second article is about the rate of wine consumption in the United States.  This article might be more geared for industry folks, but was an interesting glimpse at what is selling right now.

And last but not least, this article outlines the use of screw caps vs. corks to seal bottles.

Hope those articles were interesting (and gave you enough time to enjoy a glass of wine or two)!

We are gearing up for Labor Day Weekend.  We’ll be hosting live music from 2-5pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We’ll set up outside if the weather is nice, or in the wine cellar if the hurricane brings us rain.  So be sure to plan on stopping by to celebrate the end of summer with us!