WWWW #43

There’s lots of reading this week, plus a video if you’re interested.  Grab a glass and enjoy some down time!

First up, I just sent out our monthly newsletter, and you can find a web-based version here if you don’t have it in your inbox.

And also in more local news, here is a nice news video with a write up about how a Missouri grape grower is faring through all this heat and drought we are experiencing.  I get this question just about every day, so I’m sure you’ll find the story interesting.

I noticed two health-related articles this week.  The first article explores whether you might be wine intolerant.  This second article is a study about alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

A ‘wine 102’ category blog entry by Dan Berger attempts to explain why we use all those vague wine terms to describe wine.

Three articles in science news that I found interesting:

  • A new wine grape has been named  – read about Geneva Red here.
  • NPR reports how valuable wasps are for fermentations here
  • Finally, The Drinks Business writes about cork vs. synthetic bottle closures here.

And the last thing I wanted to share with you is just for fun.  Check out the tiny little machines that Szymon Klimek builds inside wine glasses.  Be sure to scroll down on the page and watch the video of the little machine in action – very cool eye candy!

Hope you enjoyed this mid-week wine break.  Cheers!