Fermenting Wine

I posted a picture of  our fermenting Cayuga White wine to Two Wine Chics on a Quest the other day.  Today I thought I ought to show you all the progress of the wine now that it’s been fermenting for 3 days.

Clyde brought the Cayuga in on Tuesday and added the yeast that evening.  Wednesday afternoon I took the first shot of the wine in the ‘lag phase’ looking down in the top of the tank:

I described this phase pretty thoroughly in the TWCQ post, so check it out for more information.

Here’s what the wine looked like yesterday afternoon:

By the second day the wine was actually making a fizzing noise and you could see lots of bubbles rising to the surface.

Here’s the view today:



Today the wine smells like green apples instead of that strong bread aroma that characterized the lag phase. Plus the fizzing continues at an even more rapid pace.

Every now and then the top surface makes a bunch of foam.  The foam will build up, spread across the top of the wine and build up until it looks a bit like merangue.  Then, all of a sudden, the foam will dissolve away and you’ll see the surface of the wine again.  Here’s a peek at that this foaming action:


It only takes about 20-30 seconds to form that layer of foam and then completely have it disappear again.  It surprised me when this first happened – I thought I had messed up the wine somehow! But Clyde says that any little bit of dust will cause this foaming to occur and that it’s not a big deal.  I carefully replaced the top to this tank so that no more dust would get in today!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  Don’t forget to check out this blog post for your chance to win a $30 gift certificate to Huzzah Valley Resort.  Cheers!

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  1. The pics are very helpful to someone starting to make their own wine. Can’t wait to the cool weather to visit ur winery

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