Cayuga White Fermentation Update


The Cayuga White juice is no longer juice – the small tank that I’ve been chronicling this past week has finished up it’s fermentation!  The picture above shows what the wine looks like now that the yeast has eaten up all the sugar that was originally in the juice.

I know it still doesn’t look so appetizing, but it smells great!  This batch smells like a blend of grapefruit and green apples – yum!  The flavor is just as nice, but there is a background of yeastiness in the wine.    Once Clyde cold stabilizes and filters the wine it will lose that note and clear up quite a bit.  I can also detect a little fizziness on my tongue, which is due to the carbon dioxide still escaping out of the wine.  That will also go away with a little time.

This little tank finished so quickly because it doesn’t have any refrigeration.  The majority of the Cayuga went into a large refrigerated tank that has kept the fermentation at around 55F.  This ensures a slower fermentation and a better chance to keep all the lovely fruity aromas and flavors from the juice in the finished wine.

That being said, this first small batch – refrigerated or not – is a fine one in my opinion.  I hope you enjoyed this little series showing the Cayuga fermentation.  Check out the first day here, and days 2 & 3 here.