WWWW #44

After the long Wine Web Wandering Wednesday entry last week, this week is a brief one.  But a good one!  Hope you can settle back for a couple of good articles and wine-eye candy today.

In health news, wine may help maintain and perhaps increase bone density in women, as reported by the NY Daily News here.

While a newspaper in the mid-section of the country, The Chicago Tribune, posted up an article answering several basic wine questions here.  I love that the writer tackled how to open a bottle without a corkscrew!

Finally, a website that features a creative use for wine – I was turned on to the artwork of Amelia Fais Harnas, who uses red wine to paint portaits she calls ‘wine stains’.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s WWWW entry offerings.  Come back tomorrow for some not-so-puppy love pics.  Cheers!