ARGGHH Matey, it’s WWWW #50!

Not only is this the 50th Wine Web Wandering Wednesday post, but it’s also International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  If you would like to read the following articles in pirate-speak, feel free to head over to the English-to-Pirate translator site here.  So grab a glass o’ wine an’ settle aft fer a wee minutes wi’ us.

A wine 101 article was posted on She Knows all about whether wine should be decanted.  Read all about decanting here.

Two articles showed up in the health news category.  The first, and admittedly rather odd, research project studied the effects of wine vs vodka on the cardiovascular health of pigs.  Those lucky dogs!

The second health-related article studied the effects of non-alcoholic red wine on blood pressure.

The final article is actually a how-to video on the basics of making a red wine reduction sauce.  (Plus, just in case you missed it here is a link to my Wino Clam recipe I posted ealier this week too.)

Have fun reading this week’s batch o’ articles ya scallywags!