WWWW #51

It’s been a very busy week around here.  We just finished crushing our last batch of grapes for the season this morning.  We brought in Norton grapes grown up in Waverly MO.  Now Clyde is cleaning the press pad, and I have a little time to sit down and share with you the reading from the week.

In a bit of sad Missouri wine news, Summit Lake Winery in Holts Summit MO is closing.  Read about it here.

In news outside of Missouri, the Culinary Institute announced the four people who will be inducted into their vintner’s hall of fame.  Check out the list here.

In science news, the folks at the University of California, Davis will be performing scientific tests to try to decide which is the best closure for a wine bottle: natural cork, synthetic cork, or screw cap.  Check out their upcoming research here.

And since we are at the end of the harvest season around here, I thought I’d share this fun article about the 5 least glamorous things about wineries.  I can tell you that as I sit here with grungy overalls, stained hands, sore back, and an aroma of sweat mixed with bug spray that I have got to be at the top of that ‘least glamorous’ list right now! 🙂

Hope you have a chance to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the articles this week.  Cheers!