2012 Norton

Last week we crushed a 3 ton batch of Norton Grapes and today/tonight we are pressing out the wine.  Here are a few pictures of the process….
1.The truckload of bins filled with nortons. 2.The view inside the bins – check out all those grapes!
3.We borrowed our neighbor’s tractor and forklift to make sure we had enough horsepower to lift the bins around.
4.The grapes were then dumped into this destemmer/crusher. The stems end up in a bin while the crushed grapes are pumped into a clean bin.
This is what the crushed grapes look like after they come out of the crusher. At this point the bins are taken down into the wine cellar and yeast is added to each bin. The yeast is allowed to ferment for a few days, and then it’s time to use the press to separate the skins and seeds.
1.Here’s the press after Clyde cleaned and sanitized it this morning. 2. Back down in the cellar, Clyde pumps the liquid from the bottom of the bin over the top of the bin so that all the skins and seeds get mixed in and become easier to pump. 3. Then Clyde starts pumping the wine up out of the cellar and into the press. Here’s the wine just beginning to flow out from the press into the collection pan below. 4.Extreme wine closeup! 🙂
All this work exhausted Maggie and Pepe, so they took a nap in the sun while we pressed out our Nortons this afternoon. I think it’s about time to go join them! Cheers!