WWWW #52


Welcome to another Wine Web Wandering Wednesday.  Grab a glass and settle in for some wine reading all around the world-wide web.

This week a short synopsis was written about what research is finding on wine and health.

I’m going to call this next article more in the wine ‘102’ category than in ‘101’ since it is fairly specialized on a specific type of wine, but it’s still a great wine basics article about what the term ‘disgorgement’ means in regards to sparkling wines.

 Global warming is a concern for many farmers, and vineyard owners are no different.  This article focuses on the California grape industry in particular and how global warming is affecting their vineyards.

And finally, if you like to order your wine online, then good news came in this week for you.  Online retail giant Amazon.com plans on selling wine now – read about Amazon’s plans here.

That’s it for today – hope you enjoyed this week’s crop of articles.  Cheers!