Fall Color

The autumn colors have started in force this past weekend.  It’s just gorgeous around here, and I had a chance to pull out my camera on Sunday morning for a few shots of the foliage. Here’s a little selection of what I saw.


How does fall look in your neck of the woods? I hope you can come by to enjoy a glass of wine while we are still colorful here at Peaceful Bend. Cheers!

6 Replies to “Fall Color”

  1. I was just telling Scott that this is the first time since we have lived here (this is our third fall) that our trees were really pretty changing color. The last two years it seems that they went from green straight to brown. We have some beautiful color in our trees as well. And driving over to Steelville this weekend was just a delight. Beautiful pics too!

  2. And isn’t it funny that everyone thought with the drought this summer that our colors would be awful? Mother nature has the last laugh this year – forunately we get to enjoy her joke! 🙂 Thanks so much for the compliment too!

  3. Thank you. The colors really hadn’t come out when you were here unfortunately. 🙁 This past weekend they really started putting on a show.

  4. Our falls in Florida, of course, are quite different. It is still hot and humid here this year, and just starting to cool off in the evenings. We have a tree that blooms in September with yellow flowers called a Golden Rain or Chinese flame tree. In October the seed pods which look like Chinese lanterns turn a rusty pink color which always reminds me of the fall colors in the northern climes. Fall is my favorite season, and I always miss Vermont this time of year.

  5. I definitely miss the northeast for lots of color. This is one of the best years I’ve seen here in Missouri, but it still doesn’t rival the bright colors in Vermont!

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