WWWW #54

Welcome to another Wine Web Wandering Wednesday. Grab a glass and settle in for some wine reading all around the world-wide web.

First up this week I’ll toot our own horn with this lovely article from CBS local about what the Steelville area has to offer this fall.  Full disclosure: we have a nice blurb in the article!

If you are a wine collector and follow all the news about counterfeit wines, you might be interested in this article about Rudy Kurniawan’s new defense tactic.

This article outlines what alcohol does to your brain.

And finally, one of my favorite blogs posted a cranberry red wine spritzer recipe today that I thought looked yummy.  I might have to adapt this for one of our wines!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s W4 reading.  Stay cozy today – it’s misty moisty outside here at the winery, so we are getting our wood stove geared up!  Cheers!