WWWW #55

Welcome to another Wine Web Wandering Wednesday. Grab a glass and settle in for some wine reading all around the world-wide web.

Check out the basics of the 5-s wine tasting method here.

This article has a great basic listing of many European varieties of grapes, just in case you want to venture outside of Missouri! ­čÖé

And finally in the 101 category of wine reading, this slide show outlines 9 basic wine terms to understand.

For those creative folks out there, this article  outlines steps on how to use wine to paint with.

Not feeling like drinking wine? ┬áCheck this article out for ideas on what to do with wine other than drinking it (hint: it’s all about cooking!).

In wine trend reports, apparently wine on tap is a big thing in the cities…and according to the writer it’s worth a try. ┬áCheck out the report here.

The Midwest wasn’t the only area to be hit with a hard production year in 2012. ┬áThere is a worldwide wine shortage being predicted. ┬áRead about it here.

 I hope you enjoyed at least a couple of the articles this week.  Cheers!