A Little Rearranging

We keep rearranging the salesroom around here! The latest changes are pretty simple though. This is the view now as you walk in the tasting room door. We moved the desk with all the brochures in the area way over to the right (in fact you can’t see the desk since the cooler is blocking the view of the desk). Then I scootched the bed frames over to the right and placed the couch where you see it above.

That let me set up this nice bar table & chairs in the corner…a perfectly romantic spot for two! And all the games that we used to store way on the opposite corner of the room where they were hard to see and get at have now been moved to the wood hutch next to the cheese cooler. Come on over, pick out your wine and a game to play while you’re here!

What do you think?

Now to apply this industriousness to my disaster of a desk:

Ugh. Yes, I still have Christmas inspiration on my desk and piles of paper to be filed away from 2012. My Dad gave us his old computer, and just in the nick of time as my desktop was on it’s last legs. I have no idea how Clyde was able to install the new desktop on my disaster zone of a desk, but he did it somehow.

By the way, one reason why my desk is a disaster zone is because I waste time reading about how hot chocolate tastes much better out of an orange cup. My desk may be ready to buckle under the weight of all this paperwork, but at least I now know what color plate I’ll use for my strawberry mousse.

So I’m hoping to have this all cleaned up tomorrow, and set a lovely candle on the corner of my desk somewhere. That way I can burn up any paperwork that threatens to create new piles on my desk! 🙂

Are you spending time cleaning or rearranging this month? Cheers!

4 Replies to “A Little Rearranging”

  1. Well I do have to finish putting away Christmas. I helped my Dad put up his outdoor decorations yesterday. Now I have to do mine. Fortunatley, my weather channel app on my desktop says it’s about 43 degrees out now, and the sun is out on the front of the house, so I should be warm enough if I get to it and off the computer.
    so…I need to finish looking at my job hunt postings and get to work.
    Hope to have a chance to come down and see you soon. ( Hopefully as a new job found celebration)

  2. It’s definitely warming up today Kathy so hopefully that will help with the Christmas decor deconstructing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on your job search too – a new job would be a great reason to celebrate with you!

  3. In Brazil it is the custom at New Year’s Eve to throw any papers on your desk out the window. Maybe that would be a good thing for you too!

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