January Thaw Scenery at the Winery

Yesterday and today have been unseasonably warm here in Steelville. I had a chance to walk around yesterday morning and noticed that the daffodils are pushing up already. Do you call them daffodils or jonquils?

Our garden quickly greened up with some groundcover. This rake is at the ready, but I think we’ll hold off on planting anything for a while!

Maggie and Pepe waited patiently for me to take all the photos I wanted. It was cloudy and a bit blustery yesterday, but the sun would peek through every now and then. One customer observed that it seemed more like a day in March than a day in January!

Maggie finally got tired of waiting on me, and came right up to my feet to demand a little love. She is so sweet, it’s hard to deny her!

We are waiting for a truckload of supplies to show up this morning. There are thunderstorms predicted, so keep your fingers crossed for us that the truck shows up before the storms hit! Have a great Tuesday everyone – Cheers!