Our Driveway is Snowy, But Navigable…Bring Your Boots!

sled 3 at the missouri winery


Snow at the Winery

It’s been a few years since the snow around here has been deep enough and icy enough to handle our flexible flyer sleds.  Those runners at the bottom need specialized snow!  But this sleet that we’ve received certainly seems to be good for some wild sledding.  Check out the videos of Clyde, Julie and I sledding back in 2009 here.

Today’s Events

I’m off to Trout Lodge for the day to teach during the Women’s Wellness Retreat, so I won’t have a chance to enjoy the sledding around here.  If you are looking for a few good sledding hills – we’ve got them here at Peaceful Bend!  And we have the wood stove & wine to warm up with afterwards.  Come on out and keep Clyde company today!

Acoustic Music Tomorrow (Sunday) in the Wine Cellar

Don’t forget about Alderwood playing tomorrow afternoon from 2-4pm.  They’ll play an acoustic set down in our wine cellar, so feel free to come out and join us for that too!  Cheers!