Hay Fever

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After a really busy week and weekend, I’m finally back to blogging again. I have several videos of the Jacques Thibaud Trio to process and share later on with you all, but the big news this week is that we are ‘in the hay,’ as they say when it’s time to harvest the hay crop. Our neighbors take care of our hay fields, so it isn’t much work for us fortunately. That leaves me enough time to photograph the action!

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That’s our neighbor Gerald ‘raking’ the hay with a hay rake into long piles. Usually, the hay is cut one day then raked and baled the next day.  This gives the hay time to dry a bit.

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The baler is being pulled by another neighbor, Mike, who actually owns the baling equipment.

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He’ll drive over the row of hay and the hay baler he’s pulling will roll it into large round bales.

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Once the bale is full size (or the hay runs out), the bale is tied and then plopped out the back.

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A crew of local teens was on hand to help pick up the square bales that Gerald and Mike baled up. I didn’t get pictures of that process though.

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The crew put up 20 round bales and about 200 square bales yesterday. It’s hot dusty work, so Pepe and I stuck to the unnecessary task of bale inspection. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this peek at the farm work going on in our neck of the woods. Cheers!