A Blast From This Winery’s Past

Our neighbors invited us over for dinner last night and lent us a copy of a few home movies made of Peaceful Bend back in the late 1960’s.  Clyde did some further editing and came up with this approximately 2-minute video of the original owners of Peaceful Bend and the old vineyard:

The first segment was Doctor Axel Arneson, the winery’s originator, crushing grapes with his son Arnie. Many of you have waved at Arnie when he drives by to go back to his weekend get-away on past the winery or when he heads back out. The second segment was of the ‘back vineyard’ which no longer exists. The final segment show Dr. Arneson holding his grandson Peder. Sometimes Peder joins us during music events when he visits, so you might have met him on occasion!

It was so fun for us to see this little slice of Peaceful Bend history, I hope you enjoyed it too.  A huge thanks to our neighbors for sharing the footage with Clyde and I!