A Peaceful Evening

Occasionally Clyde and I are asked what we do around here when no one is around.  I thought I’d share my evening from this past Monday.  After I closed the salesroom, I grabbed my camera and headed out to take a few photographs of the plants and flowers that are out right now.

Of course, Pepe and Maggie came along too. I love them dearly, but they usually end up sitting on whatever it is I want to photograph!

Except this one. Neither dog felt like sitting on a thistle! I can’t say as I blame them. Thanks to all those thorns, I was able to capture this spotted cucumber beetle (I think that’s what the bug is anyways) on the flower.

I turned around and noticed that Polly was keeping an eye on us too. She was sitting on a tree that fell down a few years ago right at the edge of the fields. Out of the way, but still close enough to monitor the action. In this photo she had spied a deer that was up the hill from us. I realized it was there just after taking Polly’s photo, but I wasn’t fast enough to grab a photo of the doe before she headed into the woods.

Maggie was tuckered out by this time so we headed back home for a glass of wine. Well, I didn’t get many plant photos, but the pet shots were fun! So that’s what I do around here on a quiet Monday evening. 🙂 What do you do on your weekday evenings?


4 Replies to “A Peaceful Evening”

  1. Nice, I’m going to have to come over and pick some of your thistle. I saw a glass project that I would like to try and was wondering where in the area I could find some.

  2. Nice to see where you get some of your photos. I’ve been getting mine on the other end of the day! After the early June sunrises its hard to believe the sun doesn’t come up here until 7:30 am.

  3. The days are definitely getting shorter – I have less time after work to get outside and take photos now. I just don’t seem to be disciplined enough to get out in the morning for some reason!

  4. Come on by…this is right next to the paved road across from our driveway. If you have time Monday, swing on over!

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