Spring Flowers


First up today I want to thank everyone who came by this past weekend!  We kicked off the weekend with a lot of rain on Friday, but everyone had fun despite it all.  On Saturday we had a great time listening to Adam & Mel play in the wine garden.  Then Clyde got into the salesroom swing of things giving tours to a few passport/gift certificate groups on Sunday.  Through all the activities, we had a great time visiting with everyone and really appreciate you all making Peaceful Bend a part of your weekend!

I’m way past due showing you some of the spring flowers around here.  In fact, many of these flowers are just about finished blooming.  The summer flowers are just behind them though, and I’m looking forward to seeing the lilies bloom again.  In the meantime, here’s a look back at my favorite flowers this past spring…..

This variegated dianthus was host to several critters during my photographic session. The flying bugs were too quick for me to capture, but fortunately this caterpillar moved pretty slowly. We were inundated with caterpillars this year, so I’m sure we’ll be enjoying several butterflies soon!

We also enjoyed a few white dianthus blooms on the hillside too.  This was a slower year for the dianthus, with only four or five plants blooming.  They are a biennial, so hopefully next year we’ll see a few more of these again!

The white blooms make those bright pink stamens really stand out.  And yes, I believe that’s a ball of pollen on the end of the leaves.  I hope these pictures aren’t making you sneeze, or get watery eyes.

Bee balm is such an unusual bloom, and I’ve noticed that the hummingbirds seem to enjoy it quite a bit.  They are wild flowers and I always see a few around here, but they are never what I would call plentiful.  Though I can usually count on at least a handful of blooms on the slope in front of the salesroom.

Up close, bee balm looks like an alien creature to me.  It makes me think of song lyrics…..’one-eyed, one-horn flying purple people eater’… Do you know that song?  I heard it just about every Halloween season growing up.  Hey!  I saw that!  Stop shaking your head at my lunacy!  O.k., I’ll stop with the free associations and get back to business….

Every year, the columbine puts on a huge show of blooms on the hillside below the porch and this year was no exception. At this point, most of the blooms have set seed, so if you want any columbine come on over!  Just grab an envelope and harvest a few seed pods – there are a huge number of seeds within each pod. They like shade and are fairly resilient plants; they even grow well in parts of the gravel drive!  All of our plants have self-seeded over the years from one single plant.  They are taking over!  Like aliens!

Oops. I promised no more of that silliness.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at a few of our spring flowers. I’m sure I’ll be sharing summer blooms before too long. Hopefully they won’t remind me of anything creepy. Cheers!