We’re In The Hay

We’ve finally had several days without rain this week, which meant that our neighbors could put up the hay both our fields here at Peaceful Bend. I came in Tuesday afternoon to find that all the hay had been cut and was laying out to dry for the night.

By last night, everything was all baled up and the sun was setting over a field full of round bales….

I had just enough time last night to grab a couple of shots of our lower field.  This is the hay field just beyond our grassy parking area.  Of course, this morning I had to out to see the round bales up close (since I am the chief unnecessary bale inspector).

I just love the look of a field of hay bales. Everything looks so tidy after the baling is finished. Although I have to add that it is a bit sad to lose all the pretty wildflowers that were in the fields. Fortunately, several of the flowers will grow and bloom again later this summer.

The doggies liked the shade provided by this hay bale. I counted 38 hay bales in our lower field and another 38 in the upper field that parallels Hwy T.

Plus one bale that obviously felt it was too hot to stay on the hill and decided to take a dip in our pond.  Our witty neighbor Daryl said that grass carp will take care of that bale.  🙂

By the way, if you’ve never seen a field being baled before, check out this post from last year showing the equipment in operation.

While I’m typing up this post, the Earharts are busy picking up these bales and storing them away in their barns across the street.  The bales will help feed their cattle, goats, and horses this winter.

Meanwhile, Clyde has been hanging rope lights around the winery today. Our little white Christmas lights were looking pretty sad this year. We’re hoping these rope lights will spruce up the winery and last a little longer than the others. I can’t wait to see it after dark tonight!

What’s happening around your place today?