Around Here in Early September

We received our first batch of grapes last week on Thursday.  Clyde and I processed just a bit over two tons of Vignoles grapes, which will eventually end up in the Whittenburg and the Dry Creek wines.  As you can see above, Vignoles grapes are fairly small and have tightly packed clusters, which made it a little difficult to pump easily.


There I am guiding the grapes into the destemmer/crusher.  We started processing at 9am and had finished pressing out all the juice by about 1:30pm.  Overall, our first day of crush went well, and we were glad for the smaller load that gave us a “warm-up” for the season.  We’ll be processing 6 tons of Cayuga White grapes tomorrow afternoon – a much larger batch!  I found it was easiest to post to our Instagram page last week, so I’ll do the same for all the action once we get going tomorrow.  I’ll also share a picture or two on Facebook when I get a chance, so if you would like to keep up with what we are doing, keep your eye on either of those pages..

The weather is cooling off after a hot and humid August, so we are enjoying the chance to move our events to Saturday afternoons in the wine garden again.  The Faretheewells kicked off the music for us this month in fine fashion last weekend.

dog feeding frenzy
And of course, our doggies had a blast with the customers around here. Crystal’s doggie, Shade, joined with Maggie and Pepe in begging for treats on Saturday.

branding bins

Clyde spent some time today marking the bins that we use to haul the grapes.  He used the same branding iron that we use to mark our barrels to brand the harvesting bins.  That way, when growers use our bins, they know where to return them once they finish.  Each of the smaller bins holds about 1 ton of grapes, while the larger bins (in the back) hold about 1 and 1/2 tons of grapes each.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at what we are up to lately.  What is September bringing your way?