Hummingbirds in the Wine Garden

Hummingbirds at Peaceful Bend VineyardAnyone who has visited the last couple weeks has been enjoying all the hummingbirds at the feeders in our wine garden.   They are a thirsty lot!    I fill two of our feeders every morning, and our large feeder has to be replenished about every other day. I counted 20 around our feeders last week, which I’m sure is a low figure. Hummingbirds at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
I tried my best to capture them the other day, but as far as hummingbird photography goes, I have a lot to learn. These little birds are fast and they don’t seem to like it when I’m too close to their feeders with my camera set-up.  Which is funny since they have no problems with people sipping wine right underneath them.  Guess they are a little bit like humans in that regards!

Do you feed the hummingbirds too?