Snow Day Scenery

A light cover of snow made Peaceful Bend Winery white washed.After one of the warmest weekends on record in February, this morning we woke up to rain and snow.  This was one of those heavy, wet snows that hangs on branches and makes everything look magical for a while.

And then of course, it’s the heavy wet snow that hangs on power lines and takes out our power at 5am!  But no worries, since we are closed on Wednesdays, this ended up feeling like a school snow day!  Plus, warm temperatures mean that our roads are clear and safe to drive on.  So we’ll be in good shape for opening tomorrow.

Snow cover at the pond at Peaceful Bend Vineyard

Of course you all know me – I couldn’t resist pulling out the camera and seeing if I could grab a few photos of the winter blanket here at Peaceful Bend!  This pond is located between the cottage and the road.  Lots of birds were taking cover in the brush along the pond’s edge.  I saw at least 4 cardinals, and several chickadees.

snow covered chair at Peaceful Bend

This chair doesn’t look too comfortable right now with all the snow on it, but it sure was pretty!  Those of you that know Connie Smith who helps us occasionally in the salesroom, might be interested to know that this chair was made by her husband, Ozark Ed!  He’s also known for making hand-painted fishing lures.

I headed down to the river for some photos too, but between the wind gusts and warm temperatures, by the time I made it down to the water’s edge there wasn’t much left for impressive snow shots.  So I’ll have to hope for another snow sometime again.  Next year. 😀

I think I’ll just curl up with a glass of wine and a book now that I’m warmed back up from the hike. Hope you are staying warm and dry where ever you are.

And hey, if you need an excuse to make a snow day, just use these shots as inspiration – it IS snowing somewhere! Cheers!