Our new job: Grandparents!

brand new grandson

Last week was a blur of tasting room rehab and….a baby!  If you follow us on facebook, you already know about this, but on Wednesday morning at 2:02 am, Julie & Mike had their baby boy, named Micah.  It was a long, tiring delivery, but Julie and the baby are doing well.  They are now enjoying their first days at home together.


Needless to say, Clyde and I are incredibly happy and looking forward to watching this little guy grow.  But I’ll try not to bore you with tooooo many baby pics when you come by the winery!

Tasting Room New Floor

Oh yeah, and we have a new floor in the tasting room.  That was installed on Tuesday afternoon.  It’s exciting too, but was definitely overshadowed by other things last week. 😀  Clyde is looking into a new front door today, and I’ll be working on staining trim for him to install.  So things are really moving along now.

I hope you can come check out all the new stuff around here soon. Cheers!

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  1. Congratulations Clyde, Katie, Julie, Mike and most of all Micah!!

    Steve & Patty Babcock

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