Buckets of Rain


It has rained almost all day here at Peaceful Bend….and we certainly needed it.  Sandy reports that we’ve had 1.5 inches so far!  Yay!


Clyde hauled…


…this rig yesterday to pick up the catawba juice from Seymore MO.  The square tanks were borrowed from generous friend Matt.  What would we do without him?  Anyways, each tank holds 180 gallons and Clyde was back around 3:30 that afternoon.  We have one more trip to make on Monday for more juice, and that will be it for the 2006 Catawbas.

*GASP* I cleaned!

And I found that there is an actual surface to my desk – who knew?!?

Clyde spent yesterday getting the press put back together the right way.  Bob’s visit last weekend must have got him in the electrical mode!  Today he is out picking up Catawba juice from Seymore MO.  This is the first time to deal with juice instead of the grapes themselves for us.  Usually we bring in the grapes here and press out the juice ourselves, but this particular grower has a set-up to process the grapes into juice and then hold the juice at very low temperatures for others to pick up.  This might just spoil us!

I will post some pictures of the juice tanks tomorrow.  I promise.  And now I’m off to finish working through that stack of odds-and-ends papers at the far side of my computer monitor.  Um, yes, I was trying to hide that, but it didn’t go away.  🙂