Missouri Wine Tasting Tonight…

…at the University of Missouri St. Louis Campus….6:30 -9pm…..tickets cost $20 at the door.  The tasting is to be in the Mercantile Library which is located in the Thomas Jefferson Library Building (which faces the quadrangle).  More information can be had by calling 1-800-392-WINE or by visiting the Missouri Wine website.  There is an exhibit opening there tonight called History Uncorked….Two Centuries of Missouri Wine.  Should be educational and fun –  my two favorite things!  Hope to see you there!


The Red Hat Ladies Were Here

One of the ladies is a retired cake decorator.  Oh la la- this has got to be the fanciest cheese ball I’ve ever seen!  Thanks to all the ladies in this Steelville/Cuba chapter who shared their food and good spirits with us last week!

No tornados in Steelville yesterday

We are all fine here.  Unfortunately the town of St. James has a mess on their hands.  Several buildings and other property damaged yesterday, but I haven’t heard any reports of lives lost; so that, at least, is good news.  St. James winery was open today, but without power so they had to lock down their food coolers.  Meramec Winery had to close at noon today.  I haven’t heard from Heinrich, but Ferrigno had power (according to customer’s reports today), so I’m assuming Heinrichshaus is doing o.k. also. 

 My appreciation for your concern to all who called on us today!