Musical May

We have lots of live music dates coming up this month.



Click here to download your own flyer for all our upcoming events.  And check out our events page for links to all the great local musicians we are hosting in May!

Wine Barrel & Bottle Desktop Wallpaper and Weather Report

This rainy Friday morning has me looking around inside for a few new perspectives. I had fun creating the photograph above, and after looking at it on my screen, thought it would make a nice desktop wallpaper. So I sized it up to share with you all!

Download your 1440X960 wallpaper by clicking here.

Everyone is probably familiar with the phrase ‘April showers bring May flowers’?  I’ve heard that spoken many times this month as we’ve had plenty of April showers lately. I originally hail (we’ve had some hail too!) from Michigan, and that phrase perfectly describes the general landscape up north. However, here in Missouri the flowers come several weeks earlier. So I’d like to lobby for a slight change – ‘April showers AND May flowers’!

In any case, here are the bleeding hearts in front of the winery; perfectly content to weather the rain this morning:

Come on by and weather the rain with us this weekend. We’ll be open Saturday and Sunday from 11-6.  On Sunday at 1pm there is a Farkle Tournament you can join in on too. We’d love to see you! Cheers!