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More Preparation for Harvest

Setting up wine making equipment

Harvest is happening all across the state, and we are expecting our first grapes to arrive on Wednesday morning.  We’ll be receiving a load of Vignoles grapes from the Farmington area (I hear those cheers all you Whittenburg and Dry Creek fans!).  But first, we need to get all our equipment out and cleaned up […]

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Preparing for the Grape Harvest


Harvest is just around the corner, so we are starting to get ready to bring in grapes.  The first task has been to clean up the grape bins.  We use these large bins to pick up grapes from the growers.  The bins will hold between 1500 and 2000 pounds of berries when they are full. […]

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Lemon Basil Wine Gimlet


I have to confess that I am a pretty big whimp when it comes to high alcohol spirits.  Try as I might, all I get from a shot or a sip of whiskey, tequila, or rum is a massive burn with no flavor.  So this has pretty much ruled out martinis as a cocktail for […]

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