Wine :: All About and Where to Find

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  1. I was so sad to see that the cottage is no longer available. I was thinking about bringing my Red Hatters out for the weekend sometime soon. But, maybe we will come out and stay somewhere else, but haunt the winery anyway.

  2. You’ve also got another KC wine outlet—The Hatfield Subaru—it seems as it makes it’s periodic trips to “The Bend”, it always has an extra case of Meremec!!

    Glad to see some other locations opening up. Good job Julie!


  3. You can also find the wines at Friar Tucks in st. Louis. You need to scout a location in southeast missouri to carry your wines. I love huzzah river and most of my friends who tried it loved it too. Plan on coming out there in the fall.


  4. I was wondering if there was a good campground in the area for rv camping? I was planning on making a trip down, but wanted to find a camping place close.

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