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Clyde and Katie at 1920s Speakeasy event

Hi there! Let me introduce myself – I’m Katie Nott, part-owner of Peaceful Bend.  My husband, Clyde Gill, and I have operated this winery since 1998. When we aren’t hosting parties (like our speakeasy party where we took that fun photo above), we enjoy sharing our passion for wine and love for food with others here at Peaceful Bend.

We strive to create the best possible 100% Missouri-made wine and to serve it in a beautiful rural atmosphere where you can expect warm, friendly service.  Giving you a chance to unwind – whether here at Peaceful Bend, or perhaps just in the comfort of your favorite chair at home  – is our utmost goal.

A Bit of Peaceful Bend History….

Peaceful Bend Vineyard began life in the 1940’s as a livestock farm owned by gentleman farmer & St. Louis doctor, Axel Arneson.  After discovering a love of wine and grape growing in the early sixties, Axel and his wife decided to plant a small vineyard at Peaceful Bend in 1965.  By 1970 the Arnesons had decided to open a public winery and built a large portion of what you see at Peaceful Bend today.

By 1972, enough wine was stored that the Arnesons were able to open to the public.  From 1972 – 1990 the winery was a family affair and a weekend retreat for the Arneson family.

By 1990, Dr. Arneson was ready to stop working so hard, and his children were not interested in keeping the family winery; so the decision was made to sell Peaceful Bend.  Fortunately a businessman from St. Clair, MO purchased Peaceful Bend and ran it with his business partner until 1993.  The business was then sold to a St. Louis area retailer who was ready to sell the winery again by 1998.

Then We Came Along….

By this time, Clyde and I were beginning to save money to start our own winery.  We had met after I was hired as a vineyard manager at a large Missouri winery where Clyde had been working as the cellar master. After two years we were ready for a new challenge and honestly, just fell in love with the countryside surrounding Peaceful Bend Vineyard.

So in July of 1998 we leased Peaceful Bend and began our new journey.  We married in the spring of 1999 and were finally able to actually purchase Peaceful Bend in 2000.  We’ve been proud to make wines in keeping with the original owner’s vision: Missouri-grown grapes made into blended wines named after the different creeks and rivers that surround our little town of Steelville.

After all these years, we are still excited to make and serve wines here at Peaceful Bend.  We love hosting live music, taking photos, meeting new people, and trying out new recipes.  You’ll find lots of our passions here on the website, but to really enjoy yourself, we urge you to come for a visit here at Peaceful Bend.  You can try our wines, relax in the wine garden, or take in a concert in our wine cellar while you are here.

We also sell our wines to a handful of Missouri retailers.  For a list of where our wines are carried, or to purchase online, click on over to our wine page.  We invite you to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we include event information, new wines, updates, and deals:

Oh, of course no visit is complete without giving our pets a bit of love!  We have two labs: Maggie, a yellow lab mix and her son Pepe, a black lab.  We also pamper two kitties: a calico named Spark and another female cat named Polly. They are all friendly and love guest doggies too.

We look forward to your visit!



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