Map to Peaceful Bend Winery

**Due to a fire in November of 2016, the winery is currently closed while a new building is being put up.  Target re-opening date is November 2017**

The Winery is Located mid-way between
St. Louis and Springfield
at the edge of the
beautiful Missouri Ozarks.

For those of you fans of Geo Coding, our coordinates are:

Latitude = 37.9861, Longitude = -91.4163

Lat = 37 degrees, 59.2 minutes North

Long = 91 degrees, 25.0 minutes West

Here’s a nifty google map page

(use the plus[+] or minus[-] function on left side
of the above page to keep above the winery)

Download a PDF map here.

Interactive Map with Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and Other Assorted Attractions

Winery Estate Views

Select image for larger view.

Missouri-winery Topo Thumbnail Link
Missouri-winery Arial Thumbnail Link

Historic Vineyard Charts

The files below require Adobe Reader to view.

Some of the images contain projections and future projects





Weather Page

2 Responses to “Map to Peaceful Bend Winery

  • Linda Nystrom
    8 months ago

    Hopefully the insurance company has responded. Please send me your email address so we can keep in touch.
    Linda and Hal Nystrom

  • Katie
    8 months ago

    Thanks Linda,
    At this point, we are still waiting on the fire investigation to finish. I’ll send you you an email so we can stay in touch!

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