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Spring Snow

March Snow 2015
So March came in like a lion….and apparently wants to leave like one too.  This morning we woke up to big, fat, flurries that quickly escalated to a full-on snow squall.  Which politely ended one hour later, leaving us with very little accumulation, and lots of pretty photo opportunities.

March Snow 2015
Of course, I had to check the daffodils immediately to make sure they were o.k.

March Snow 2015

March Snow 2015
Maggie and Pepe joined in on the photo journey.  They don’t seem too bothered by the snow.

March Snow 2015
Here is Maggie asking why God, why, why, why do we have to suffer through one more snow? Or she’s checking out a squirrel in the tree. :)

March Snow 2015
Out by the road, the sun was already beginning to warm up things enough to melt snow on rooftops and green, grassy areas.

March Snow 2015
Maggie took advantage of a particularly warm spot in the sun while she waited for me to do my thing.

March Snow 2015
The shady winery is great in the heat of the summer, but it means that the snow doesn’t melt as quickly in the cooler months.

March Snow 2015
By this afternoon though, everything has melted away, and all that’s left is a cold March wind. Although this snow wasn’t particularly wanted, it did make a nice excuse to get a fire going in the wood stove this morning. I hope you are staying warm where ever you are and can get cozy with a nice glass of wine tonight. Cheers!

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We are on VisitMO’s Winery Bucket List

I just found this fun article from VisitMO’s website. We are honored to be on anyone’s bucket list, but especially this author’s list since she has quite a depth of Missouri wine knowledge!

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Furry Guests

We had a great time this past weekend enjoying the spring weather, the great music, and fun conversations with all our guests. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy a break and get comfortable in the wine garden for a few hours with us!

Another thing I’m super thankful for is that we have a place that you can bring your pooch out to have fun along with everyone else.  And since I know so many of you are fans of our furry friends, I thought I’d introduce you to a few of our canine guests from this past weekend.

Furry Friends
Here is Payden Forrest Hiker. I think he has the best ‘wise old man’ expression in this photograph. His cheerful neck scarf reflects his own sunny disposition and general happiness to enjoy the wine garden with everyone.

Furry Friends
Poor Shade Tucker was stuck on a leash for the afternoon. Shade belongs to my neighbor and is generally not required to be leashed when she visits the winery. But with all the people and commotion this past Saturday, Crystal thought it would be better to keep her under control for the afternoon, so Shade ended up looking like a bored, put-out, teenager!

Furry Friends
Suzy looked pensive about me taking her photo, but as it turned out, she just wanted to be sure that I captured her best side.

Furry Friends
Suzy’s brother, Wesco, couldn’t care less which side I photographed.  He just wanted in on any action that might be had! Wesco is one-year old, and likes it when his owners take him on vacation to Peaceful Bend and further south to their guest house in …you guessed it…Wesco, Missouri!

Furry Friends
Wesco was especially licking his chops over all the sausage and cheese around the wine garden!

Furry Friends
And he wasn’t the only dog anticipating a few treats. It looks like Sadie, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever visiting us for the first time, was eager for a few nibbles too.

After all the people, treats, and friends, our dogs were plum wore out on Sunday.  They laid around all afternoon on the front porch trying to recover a bit from the busy day.

Then Crystal came by with one of her new border collie pups.  She has three for sale right now, and wanted to get them socialized a bit to other people and animals.  Fuzz was pretty shy, but as long as momma was near, he was happy to visit.

Fuzz’s ‘brother-in-spirit’ is Paco, a one-eyed chihuahua who was happy to show him the ropes of winery-dog life. Paco loves to visit the winery, but asks to please refrain from feeding him inadequate crackers. Only meat and cheese for his discerning taste buds!

I hope you can bring your own pooch out to visit us here at Peaceful Bend! In fact, we’ll be hosting our 2nd annual Wine and Woof Festival on April 18. If you are a fan of dogs, you’ll definitely want to check out the fun.  Cheers to our furry friends!

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