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2015 Sparkle Farkle Tournament

Farkle Tournament on the Fourth of July

We’ll be hosting our annual Sparkle Farkle Tournament on July 4 again this year. If you are looking for a fun, relaxing way to celebrate Independence Day, then come on by at 1pm! Farkle is an easy dice game that can be played by any number players. Bring your own team, or plan to meet new people and join a team here at the winery.

There is no charge to enter, but traditionally, participants bring food to share with each other during the tournament. We’ll hold the tournament rain or shine, so don’t let bad weather stop you from attending!

If you’ve never played Farkle before, here is an introduction to the game (though we have our own ‘house rules’ at Peaceful Bend). We’ll also have handouts during the afternoon so you’ll have a ‘cheat sheet’ close by while you play! No reservations are needed, just show up around 1pm and as soon as we get teams organized, everyone can start playing (and eating!).

And just in case you needed another incentive to come and play – the winner will receive a bottle of wine of their choice.  ( And if the winner happens to be under 21, then we’ll figure out an age-appropriate prize.)  Hope to see you on Saturday!

A quick PS – our email newsletter went out yesterday.  If you didn’t find a copy in your inbox, click here for a web-based version.  Cheers!

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Meramec River After the Rain

June Flood
After 8 inches of rain here in Steelville, the Meramec river and all the creeks around town were full to overflowing.  I headed down to our river frontage here at Peaceful Bend this morning, just about when the Meramec was cresting and snapped a few shots of the scenery down there.

June Flood
Of course, Pepe came along to inspect the waters too! He was happy to lap up some of that muddy water too – guess it must have been extra flavorful stuff!

June Flood
Our river neighbors wisely hung their chairs out of the way of the rising waters. When the river isn’t flooded the seat of those hanging chairs are about mid-chest height on me.

June Flood
So I think only the squirrels will be using these chairs today!

June Flood
This delicate little Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria) is holding up well despite the torrential rain and flooding. Mother nature always has a few surprises up her sleeve, doesn’t she?!?

The sun was out here at the winery by 10am so we are hoping to dry out a bit now. Perfect weather for kicking back with a glass of wine!

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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New Wine: Dry Creek Lot #6

Dry Creek Lot #6
Whew, what a crazy couple of weeks we’ve experienced around here.  I haven’t been able to keep up with much online, but I think the schedule is starting to even out a bit now.  Just in time for me to announce the newest release of our Dry Creek!

Dry Creek Lot #6
Lot #6 is dry and made from Vignoles and Vidal grapes.  This year’s version is an oak-y treat perfect for those of you that enjoy rich, buttery white wines.  Smoked salmon, pork roasts and even venison have been great pairings that we’ve tried with this wine so far.  You’ll definitely want to give this wine a sample next time you’re in the tasting room.

And on a catch-up note, I’ve posted a few pictures of the hors d’oeuvres hour before the Wine Cellar Concert last weekend up on our facebook page.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring my camera down into the concert this year.  But I will share that Brewer Science‘s founder, Terry Brewer, made a comment that the “music flowed off the stage like butter”.  And that just makes me hungry for more wonderful music in our wine cellar.  I hope you can join us for our next concert here at Peaceful Bend!

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