Congratulations Laura and Russell!

For any of you that follow this blog, you may remember back in February a post about our Treat Your Sweet event.  At the end of that evening Russell and Laura announced their engagement.  Well, yesterday Clyde and I took the day off and went to the wedding.  It was beautiful!  Congratulations to the happy couple…..

They were married on the upper Meramec river.  And when I wrote ‘on’ I meant it!….

That’s a fourteen-man raft with a piece of wood in the middle for the wedding party to stand on.  Laura’s brothers walked the raft out into the river and held it in one spot during the ceremony.  Good balance and family stability is important in a marriage! 

Here they are after their vows….

And finally, getting off the raft wasn’t too hard either…..

There was a lot of speculation about whether we would have footage for America’s Funniest Videos, but everything went off without a hitch (except for the one occuring on top of the raft that is). 🙂 

We were honored to be invited and the weather turned out to be perfect.  I am going to work on editing more photos and post a few more on my personal blog today or tomorrow.  Congrats again!