Memorial Day Weekend Events

Can you believe Memorial Day is almost here?  This is a popular weekend to get out and take a little break.  If you are looking for something to do, or are headed down to our neck of the woods, keep us in mind.

On Saturday from 1-4pm listen to the sounds of J&B on the Rocks, and Sunday features Onyx Green Band from 1-4pm in our winegarden.

The salesroom will be open on Monday May 28 from 10-5pm, but no live music that day.  We have already rented our cottage for the weekend, but check out Steelville Chamber of Commerce’s website to find other area lodging if you are looking for a place to stay nearby.

Are you looking to see some of the fun we had last weekend?  Check out this site.  Thanks for sharing your excellent footage John!


Finally, some pics from this past weekend

Three nights of staying up until 2 am around a campfire after excellent concerts to listen to more excellent music left me a bit zapped.  But we had a great time.  Thanks so much to all the people who made the 2007 Americana Music Festival a great success.  Especially thanks to the FANTASTIC musicians.  Here they are in order of their performances:

First up on Friday night was Jalan Crossland:

Then Jim Hurst:

On Saturday Jalan, Jim and Saturday evening’s main performer David Grier put on workshops all afternoon.  I am amazed by how much energy these guys all have.  They all played the concerts, then picked around a campfire until the wee hours with anyone that would join in….then got up and basically did it all again for three days.  I spent most of the daytime hours moaning about how tired I was – hmmmm…..had to complain about something I suppose!  I certainly had no complaints about the music.

Anyways……Saturday evening opened with a performance by local favorites, Ozark Alliance:

Followed by David Grier:

My impression is that David Grier and Jalan Crossland are actually energizer bunnies in disguise.  David played all day Saturday, then played until midnight for the concert.  Then kept going by the campfire with everyone.  O.k, o.k., that’s the last thing I’ll say about their energy level.  Maybe.

On Sunday evening, Norman & Nancy Blake took the stage with James and Rachel Bryan for a lovely old-timey music performance:

As usual, I had a hard time getting good photos in the low light.  A tripod was needed, and I was having far too much fun to deal with that pesky detail, so I hope no one minds the blurry pics.  Here’s the last of this series – Jalan playing a banjo and singing by the campfire on Sunday evening, with Alex from Ozark Alliance backing him up on the mandolin:

I can’t thank everyone enough for the great weekend.  There aren’t enough words, but here’s a try…..

A HUGE thanks to the festival’s producers – Bill and Marilyn Startz of Simple Folk Productions.  They are greater than great!  And the BOBeque provided by Bob and Terry Riley was delicious!  All our friends, family, and neighbors were worked close to death, but thankfully revived by the music.  THANK YOU ALL!

And most of all, another THANK YOU to everyone who attended the festival last weekend.  I hope you had fun and enjoyed the experience as much as we did!  Cheers.

Nearing the deadline now…..

Here is yesterday at about 11am:

And this morning at about 7:30am:

another angle at 7:30am:

And now (well, 15 minutes ago anyways):

TA-DAAAAAAA!  Clyde did it!!!!!  Now to set up the sound system and the chairs that Molly just washed down.  Whew!  We have tickets available for all three concerts, so come on over and enjoy the newly-clean cellar and some FANTASTIC music!  Cheers!