More about the roof

Continued roofing yesterday and today.  Here’s a little pictorial of how to redo the roof:

First, put on the correct gear:

Then, fix the rotted out boards while being supervised:

Then some serious consultations must be made:

After the consulting is over and the repairs are done, it is time to put on the new shingles:

Meanwhile Jeff works on repairing the other side of the roof:

After 3/4 of the first side is re-shingled, it’s time for a well deserved break.  Sleep eat sleep, and go at it again in the morning!

The next morning (hey, that’s today!) begin the whole process on the opposite side of the roof.  AND throw in a little worry that it will start to rain before the roof is on….

But you’ll pull through with flying colors and finish the last pieces about two hours before anything wet comes down:

Great job!!!  Everything is cleaned up and more importantly, DRY!

This next shot is for the ladies:

insert smilie here

A big thanks to Bob and Jeff for all their help and hard work. Cheers!