Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fun, fun, fun Labor Day Weekend.  Thank you all for coming out and making it extra-special!  Terry took so many wonderful photos, it was hard to choose which ones to post here, so I focused on Sunday since Gumbohead was a new band for Peaceful Bend.

First though, many people mentioned serious worries about embarrassing pictures of themselves being posted here.  Well, I can’t promise I won’t post an embarrassing picture of you here.  However, I’m more than willing to embarrass myself also.  Here I am on Saturday night, wearing a wig and hanging a spoon off my bottom lip (because I’ve never been able to hang one off of my nose).

So now that you know people are really laughing at me…we’ll get to the good stuff!

Here’s Gumbohead playing under our pavillion on Sunday:

They were so much fun, and you just couldn’t sit still when they were playing.  Which is the theme for the rest of my photos….all the dancing going on here!

Our neighbors, Rob & Karen, sure can tear up a gravel dance floor:

Looks like Terry wasn’t the only one spying on these two dancing:

I think several people were checking out their moves!  Ha…..

The adults weren’t the only ones having fun on Sunday.  A full contingency of kids were gettin’ down too:

At the end of the afternoon, the band was really awesome and gave all the kids (and a few adults) a bunch of mardi gras beads.  They kept their beads in a big metal bucket, and once it was empty I noticed some serious bead bartering going on!

I captured just a few photos in on Saturday, and here is my favorite of my bunch….it isn’t great, but I thought the subject was darn cute:

Awwwww….that floppy ear just melts my heart.  Pepè definitely caught onto the treat concept pretty quickly this weekend.  Today he is laying around moaning about how much he ate.

Oh wait, no, that’s me actually.  After Mark played on Monday afternoon, Rob & Karen did a big fish fry here.  I ate too much.  And now, I’m sitting around moaning today!

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.  We look forward to your next visit!  Cheers!