Pedaling and Pumping

Yesterday I went into Rolla to pedal our wines in the VIP tent for the Tour of Missouri bicycle race (lol – pun intended).  I didn’t quite know what to expect and ended up really enjoying myself!  Rolla hosted the finish line for the fourth leg of the race plus an expo area where people could check out vendors & sponsors.  It turned out to be one of these great small-town festive atmospheres that I’m a total sucker for.

Here’s Danene Beedle, the Missouri Wine Girl up on the announcer’s stage talking about Missouri Wines.  She gave a bottle of our Courtois and our Meramec to the race announcers:

Kinda looks like their singing a duet, doesn’t it? And one of my favorite photos was of Phyllis from Meramec Vineyards after she gave the winner, Michael Barry, a Tour of Missouri commemorative bottle of wine:

The head floating above the kiss is the third place winner of this leg….he looks so jealous!  LOL…can’t wait to send Phyllis this shot!  I’m going to post up more photos & a video on my personal blog if you want to check out more.

I got home last night in time to catch Clyde doing a ‘pump over’ on the Concord that we processed on Wednesday.  Twice a day he pumps the juice from the bottom of the tank up to the top of the tank to mix in all the skins with the juice.  This helps extract color and keeps any bacteria from growing on the top cap of the wine.  It was dark out, so I’m sorry for the lack of light….here’s clyde moving the hose around:

And what it looks like inside the tank:

Well, if you have a chance to see the Tour of MO, I highly recommend it.  And if you want to come by the winery this weekend, I will have as many tables set up under a roof as I can fit…looks like it might be pretty wet for the next few days.  See you soon!