For anyone that visited the winery recently (actually to be more specific, anyone that has visited the winery’s bathroom recently) you know that our restroom floor has been in dire need of repair.  Unfortunately the flooring is uneven, which has caused the linoleum to slowly warp and wear over the years.  It’s to the point that several holes have developed in the walkway.

Yesterday Clyde ripped up what was left of the old stuff and painted the floor, along with two of the bathroom walls.  Today he has been laying new linoleum tile down, and it’s looking great!  Here he is cutting a segment out of one tile that will be around the toilet plumbing:

The uneven floor is giving him some fits, but the project is close to finished at this point.  And a good thing too….I drank a lot of water at lunch today and I have a feeling that I’ll need that little room soon!  🙂