WWWW #39 (A Day Early)

I thought I’d post up the WWWW entry this week a little early since we hope to be busy tomorrow.  Before I get to the articles for the week, I have a couple of Peaceful Bend news items for you.

The first is that the July email newsletter went out this morning.  Check your inboxes for it to get the recipe for that yummy cucumber salad pictured above.  If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, then you can click here for the July news, and then click on over here to sign up for your very own newsletter.

The second piece of news is that we are hosting the Sparkle Farkle Tournament again this year.  Farkle is a fun dice game, and the tourny is open to anyone who shows up tomorrow afternoon.  Bring food if you’d like and sit down to play a game or two.  I always give the winner a bottle of wine of their choice.  Plus you’ll have the chance to meet new folks and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play – those of us who do know how to play are good coaches and will get you comfortable with the game in no time flat!  There is no charge to enter and no official start time.  Just show up anytime between 11-5.  We’ll add you to a game when you get here (or start up a game once enough folks are around to play).  AND if it’s too hot outside we can move into the tasting room or the wine cellar.  Fun!

All righty then – let’s get onto this week’s reading, just in case you have some down time tonight or tomorrow.

In health news, this video from KSDK in St. Louis is all about a study on resveratrol (a compound found in red wine) and alzheimer’s disease prevention being conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center.

There were a couple of interesting new products introduced to me this week.  The first product is called a corkcicle – what a neat idea!   The second article will be of more interest to the women out there – handbags built to carry wine bottles.

Wine fraud was a big topic in the wine world this week.  You can read about what wineries do to try to prevent wine fraud here.  And if you interested in learning about and expert who is hired by consumers & auction houses to make sure that a wine is authentic, then just click here.

Finally, this article was written to publicize a New York winery, but it has a nice synopsis of the history of wine that you might be interested in reading.

That’s it for the reading this week.  I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow.  Cheers to the 4th!