A Different Sort of Drinker

We’ve had several visitors to our winery this summer that just suck us dry.  Of our hummingbird food that is!  I spent a little time this afternoon trying to catch them in action.

This little female was allowed to sit and feed for a long time.  And she takes her time when she feeds too.  After all, she’s had a hard day of raising kids, she deserves to put her feet up and enjoy a good beverage!  The males on the other hand, take a little sip and quickly sit back up, then sip again and another glance around.  Those males don’t want any other male to encroach on their food source or women, so they are on constant lookout for competitors!

I’m calling this one Mr. Redneck.  He was very possessive, and honestly I don’t know why he doesn’t have hummingbird whiplash after bobbing back and forth so fast from the feeder.  He drinks his food like a shot of whiskey!

This little guy was allowed to feed once Mr. Redneck sipped his fill.  He was perfectly content to sit and feed with the other hummingbirds too.  He was definitely the social drinker.

Do you have hummingbirds?  What drinking behavior have you noticed from these adorable little birds?

2 Replies to “A Different Sort of Drinker”

  1. I love watching hummingbirds. I wrote a poem about them while sitting on my back deck and will try to send it to your email, Katie. This year I can’t seem to get the right mixture for their feeder. If you do not mind sharing, could you tell me what ratio water/sugar you use or do you spike it with your delicious wine?

  2. I loved your poem Bonnie – you captured their qualities perfectly!

    Alas, my ‘secret’ recipe for hummingbird food doesn’t include wine. I’m too greedy to give them any of the wine I guess!

    I’ve got two small hummingbird feeders, so I usually make up about 2 cups of food at a time.
    I start with 2 cups of water, then stir in 1/2 cup of regular sugar. Go ahead and double the ingredients if you have larger feeders. The ratio is 4 parts water and 1 part sugar, if that helps at all.

    I’ve counted 6 hummingbirds out here this year!

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