WWWW #42

This week features a short wrap-up of the articles I thought you’d find interesting.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy this week’s Wine Web Wandering Wednesday!

First up, for all the history buffs out there, you have two articles to enjoy this week.  This blog entry attempts to understand how long humans have been deliberately making wine.  If you are a Thomas Jefferson buff, then you’ll find this lifehacker research article interesting – how much did Thomas Jefferson think about wine?

Want to know some wine stats – top selling brands and what not?  Check out this short article from the Wall Street Journal Market Watch.

Just for fun, check out this 30-foot long bottle of wine!

Finally, I wrote up a blog entry for Two Wine Chics On A Quest yesterday about our varietal wine tasting of Viognier and Noiret.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s mid-week wine reading.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a very relaxing post.  Cheers!