Perseid Meteor Shower Over the Winery


Last Saturday I arrived back at the winery around 11pm from my tasting and dinner with Laura.  I had just enough energy left to grab my camera and give a try at capturing the Perseid meteor shower that was happening over the weekend.  I saw quite a few meteors, but unfortunately they all seemed to be somewhere other than where I had my camera pointing!

Oh well.  At least I caught a cool look at the sky and can say I watched a few of the meteors before I fell sound asleep!  Did you see any meteors last weekend?  Cheers!

One Reply to “Perseid Meteor Shower Over the Winery”

  1. Katie……That’s an awesome photo! Here in the city, star-gazing doesn’t produce much success or satisfaction for watchers, so one year, QUITE a while back, Marv and I drove into Northern MO and watched the Perseid light show in the middle of the night. It made for good memories, but we haven’t seen the showers since. Hey! Next year why don’t you have a Night Owl Picnic for Star Gazers….how fun would that be! Love you…..Jill

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