Happy Halloween! + WWWW reading

I hope everyone has a great Halloween and lots of trick or treating tonight!  How do you like my last-minute costume idea?

If you aren’t headed out for some Halloween fun, then grab a glass of wine, the candy corn, and check out this week’s wine articles.

In the 101 category, snooth decodes the wine label for you, and the kitchn blog tells you what it means when the label says ‘contains sufites.’

In wine-related health news, a new study shows that resveratrol supplements may not be a protective against heart disease in women.  The headline says wine, but there was not a drop of wine in the study. However, resveratrol is found in red wine, so I guess it counts.

In economic news, it looks like the world is experiencing a drop in wine production this year.  Yikes…now that’s scary!

And for the last article, I found an expansion on an article from last week about wine on tap at restaurants.  St. Louis is getting in on the trend…check it out here.

So just in case you didn’t guess what I am this Halloween….
A farmer-turned-moonshiner!  I’ve got my hat, my bottle of moonshine, and my runnin’ shoes on. 🙂

The funny thing about that picture is that I had accidentally nicked the edge of the seal on the maple syrup, so the syrup starting dripping out of the container right after the shutter went off – right into my mouth. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!

Are you dressing up for Halloween today? What’s your costume?

Spiced White Wine

I indicated last week that I would be experimenting with a new spiced wine recipe this past weekend. I love mulled wine made with our Yadkin Creek and have been itching to try a white wine version too. I made it on Saturday, and oh yum – was it ever delicious!

Ingredients: 1 bottle Sweet River White, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 sliced clementine.
Directions: Place the clementine and cinnamon stick in the bottom of a crock pot. Pour the Sweet River White over them, cover and set on high for about an hour or so. Decrease the heat to low once the wine is up to temperature. You can also simmer this on low in a pot on the stove – just be sure to pot covered. Serve warm.

You can serve it in a wine glass if you wish. It keeps your fingers toasty warm that way. But the wine will cool down relatively fast in a glass.

Or serve it in one of our new plastic to-go cups to keep the wine warm for much longer. These cups make any beverage look like you’re sipping wine, and the cup won’t break! I just brought them in to the tasting room this past week, and they are definitely a popular item already.

Do you have a favorite spiced wine recipe? I’d love it if you shared it below. Cheers!

Weekend Photos

We had a great time listening to Rachel & Brad play this past weekend. Despite the predictions of cold, rainy weather the day turned out to be sunny and warm.  Saturday turned out to be a perfect day all around!
Lots of customers enjoyed the sun, the music, the wine, and the firepits in our wine garden.
Newlyweds, Rachel and Bradley provided the perfect soundtrack for the afternoon……
….while their moms looked on with pride.

Our thanks to everyone that came out to the winery this weekend – we hope you had as much fun as we did! Cheers!