Wine and Food Pairing Guide: Whittenburg

Whittenburg Pairing Guide
Here’s the latest wine pairing guide for you featuring our Whittenburg wine. This smooth, semi-sweet white is one of our top-selling wines right now.  It’s a blend of several white grapes, but features the Vignoles grape primarily.

The wine’s light texture and 4% sugars, makes it a perfect compliment for picnics or spicy foods.  Of course, it also makes a nice pairing for lighter desserts too.  In fact, I used the Whittenburg to make a delicious pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving last year – we called it Whumpkin Pie.

Enjoy the guide and let us know if you have any requests for the next guide!

Branding Barrels

Branding-Barrels-2Clyde has been hard at work cleaning out the wine cellar in anticipation of new events this year. One of the cellar tasks that he’s been wanting to take on is properly labeling a few of our newer barrels.

Branding-Barrels-1We like to brand our barrels with our logo and a number, which means that we need a good day to build a fire that will heat up the metal brands.  Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day, so out came the fire pit and the set of branding irons!

Three hours later he finished and we now have all 35 barrels properly labeled.  Not only can we easily look up what wine is in each barrel…..




………but they also make a pretty cool backdrop for all the musicians that play in the cellar!  Hope you enjoyed this peek at a bit of the spring cellar work going on around here.  Cheers!


Sure Signs of Spring

DaffodilsSpring flowers are making their appearances here at Peaceful Bend – a sure sign that spring is finally here!  The daffodils haven’t started blooming yet, but as you can see, they won’t be too much longer.

Surprise-LiliesBehind the cottage, the surprise lily leaves are pushing up through all the old wood left from last year’s campfires.


Crocus-2The crocuses are almost bloomed out, but I still have a few hardy blooms left on the hillside this week.

SeedsAnd out in the hay field the seeds are blowing away from their protective winter shells.

All this plus the afternoon temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s lately, so I’m inclined to think that spring is here to stay for a while.  We all deserve a nice spring after this past winter, don’t you think?  Cheers!