Wine & Woof Festival Agility Course for Dogs

I am soooo excited for tomorrow’s start to the Wine and Woof Festival out here!  Crystal from Murphy’s Place and I spent the morning setting up our version of an agility course for you all to try out with your pooches.  We had so much fun getting it all ready to go and imagining all the fun that the doggies will have romping around, over, and under the obstacles!  I hope you give it a try with your pooch.  I just had to share a few pictures of our trials with you all.


Crystal brought over her chihuahua, Paco, to help test out the course.  He liked the balance board! Pepe joined in too, but Maggie?


Well, as you can see, not so much! 🙂  Has a dog’s expression ever said “Yeah, right, like I’m gonna do that, sistah,” like Maggie’s expression does here?  I’d like to say the balance board wasn’t her thing, but neither was anything else.  Oh well.  Old dogs and all that.

winery-agility-course-4Paco loved the tunnels on the course.  He took to the ‘closed tunnel’ in no time flat.  Dogs have a hard time going through something that they can’t see through, so this one needed just a bit of encouraging.  Once Paco got through the first time, he was set to go.  Pepe – well, not so much.  He loved that we were on the ground playing with him, but never did go in the closed tunnel.

winery-agility-course-2Pepe did master the hoop jump though.  I think Crystal had about as much fun encouraging the dogs through the obstacles as the doggies did running the course!  This hoop jump we made to slide up and down the poles, so it can be set higher or lower, depending on the dog.

winery-agility-course-1While our dogs are too big for the hay tunnel, Paco is the perfect size to fit through.  It looks like he is having a blast!

winery-agility-course-3And finally, here is Pepe trying out the barrel ‘jump’.  Which to Pepe meant jump up and sit on top. That works too!

I hope you can come out and try the agility course for yourselves this weekend – or just watch someone else give it a whirl.  The Wine & Woof festival is open to everyone, so even if you don’t have a dog, come on out and enjoy all the activities anyways.

Crystal will be showing off a few of her own dogs during a herding demonstration, so be sure to say that you saw her online! The hay ride over to the herding demo starts at 2pm.  And don’t forget about the dog massage tips at noon here at the winery.  Plus we’ll have live music from 3-5:30 and a dog costume contest at 4pm.  For more information, click on over to our events page here.  Cheers!