Goat Daze 2014

Goat Daze
We are jumping from one animal to the next here at Peaceful Bend: from our dog-dedicated weekend last week, to goats this upcoming weekend! My good friend Crystal says that there is nothing cuter than baby goats, and I have to say that I agree!  Those little faces are so sweet and don’t even get me started on the ba-ba-ba-ing sounds.  Just one bleat and I’m transported back to my childhood and the local university’s small animal day that my parents would take me to every year.  I loved holding and looking at all those baby animals – something even smaller than me!

So in celebration of spring and of baby animal season, we are once again partnering with Murphy’s Place to bring your family a hay ride and petting pen.  You’ll all have the chance to see, pet, hold, and take photos with their adorable baby goats over at Murphy’s Place.  If it’s raining, we’ll forego the hay ride, but we will bring a few goats over here to Peaceful Bend and rig up a pen somewhere out of the rain.  We’ll also have color-your-own kite kits available for the human kids to decorate while they are here.  And don’t worry adults – there is something for you too: wine & goat cheese pairings will be available in the tasting room (while supplies last).

So plan to get out into the countryside here at Peaceful Bend for a beautiful spring day with your family!

P.S.-We’ll probably be bottling this weekend too, so you can take a peek at the bottling line in action throughout the weekend.  I’ll share more about the bottling process next week.