Wine and Food Pairing Guide: Dry Creek

Dry Creek Pairing Guide
This month’s wine & food pairing guide features our Dry Creek.  This white is a heavier-bodied wine than most of our whites, so I call it my “white wine for red drinkers”!  The heavier texture allows the Dry Creek to pair well with foods that you often think to pair with red wines.

We love the Dry Creek with smoked salmon, pork, or chicken cordon bleu.  But it will also compliment a pork or beef roast too.  Check out this pasta recipe that combines pasta, sausage, and a wine sauce using Dry Creek. Full-flavored cheeses are a match made in heaven with the Dry Creek.  Try a blue cheese, gruyere, or parmesan cheese along with a hearty cracker if you’d like to serve the Dry Creek with your appetizers.

As far as sweets go, the Dry Creek goes well with apples, pears, and most berries.  Caramel, milk chocolate and other rich desserts will probably be a bit too much for this wine however.

I hope this reference helped you pick out the perfect dishes to serve with our Dry Creek!