Adam Yount and Mel Besher Performing on May 31st

We are happy to host Mel Besher and Adam Yount on May 31 from 2-5pm here in the wine garden (or possibly wine cellar, depending on the weather!).  I hope you can come out and join us for the afternoon.  Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

So if you enjoy bluegrass, old-time folk, or fancy guitar work, be sure to come out to the winery! And maybe we can find them a better bottle of two of wine to set in front of them for their next youtube! 😉

Wine Cork Mini Pin Board Instructions

I had a craft table set up for attendees to make these sweet little mini cork boards during Ladies Day Out in May.  Since they are such a great recycling project, I also wanted to make sure those of you who didn’t have a chance to make it out to the event could still have instructions for how to make your own.

I’ve pictured them as a pin board, but you could glue a magnet on the back and easily make them into refrigerator decor too!  Or make the loop at the top a bit larger and use them as ornaments.  However you use these, they make a quick little project perfect to give as a hostess gift, or for a wine loving friend.  Wedding season is here….why not grab a few corks from the bartender at the wedding and make these as a memento for the bride and groom?

Let’s get started!  Here’s what you’ll need:
Mini Corkboard Instructions

  • 5 corks
  • 2 pieces of scrap cardboard (I used a cracker box) cut into 1-inch wide by 3.75-inches long strips.
  • hot glue gun or other strong glue
  • ribbon of your choice, cut to at least 8 inches long
  • sissors
  • optional: paint, ink, or markers to decorate the back of the piece

Mini Corkboard Instructions

1. The first step is to hot glue 5 corks to one of the strips of cardboard.  Use the picture above as a guide to how to lay out the corks, making sure to place any logos facing whatever direction you want.  Be sure to use plenty of hot glue to attach the corks.  The top and bottom cork should both slightly hide the top and bottom of the cardboard.

Mini Corkboard Instructions

2. Next, you will attach the ribbon to the cardboard.  Flip your cork piece upside down so that the cardboard strip is showing.  Run a line of hot glue length-wise down the middle of the cardboard and immediately lay your ribbon onto the glue.  Leave about an inch of ribbon hanging from the bottom of the cardboard and the rest of the ribbon hanging off the top.
3. Now you’ll form the loop at the top of the piece.  Run another line of hot glue directly over the ribbon starting at the top and run it as far as needed (you may need to trim your ribbon a bit, depending on the original length – I sure did! ha!).  Now fold the extra ribbon at the top over, making a loop about an inch or two in length above the cardboard.  Press the loose end into the fresh glue.

Mini Corkboard Instructions

4. Finally, cover the cardboard with hot glue and press the second piece of cardboard over it, sandwiching the ribbon in between the two cardboard pieces.  Cut the bottom end of the ribbon in a slant or a v-cut.

5. Optional Steps: you can decorate the back of the piece with paint, markers, or ink if you wish.  Also, if you would like, glue a magnet to the back.  Or forget this step and just hang and enjoy!

Mini Corkboard Instructions

Well, I hope these instructions were clearer than mud.  🙂  Let me know if you have questions, and have fun making one (or more!) of these little mini cork boards.  Cheers!