Surprise Lilies are Blooming

Surprise Lilies
Our surprise lilies are in full bloom here at the winery, although there aren’t quite as many blooms as previous years.  We’ve only seen three stems come up this year.  They might be short on numbers, but they are still a delight to find blooming!

Surprise Lilies
I love all the names for these flowers: surprise lilies, naked ladies, magic lily, resurrection lily. I’m sure there are more common names for these beauties! The latin name is Lycoris squamigera, just in case you were wondering.

Surprise Lilies
Even the buds are pretty with their intense magenta coloration.

Surprise Lilies
As the flowers open up, the intense magenta reveals a bright yellow center while the tips of the petals are periwinkle blue.

Surprise Lilies
As the flower ages, the color fades, but the stamens will mirror the bright yellow in the center of the flower for several days still.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at our surprise lilies.  What’s blooming in your area?

Introducing Next Weekend’s Musicians

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I thought I’d take a little time today to introduce you to the musicians who will be playing here at the winery next weekend!

Mel Besher and Adam Yount
Mel Besher and Adam Yount will be playing from 6-9pm here at Peaceful Bend on Saturday August 2, 2014.  These two have played here once before, and we are looking forward to hearing from them again!

Mel Besher at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
Mel Besher is a professional musician who has toured with country and bluegrass stars such as Jimmy Martin and Randy Scruggs.  Mel is a songwriter at heart and has written songs for many artists including Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, and Claire Lynch.  Mel also wrote, performed, and produced for the bluegrass group, Cedar Hill, from 2002 – 2006.  After living in Nashville, TN for many years, Mel moved back to Hillsboro to take care of his aging mother in 2006.  While in the area, Mel stayed busy with his record label, and in 2008 he led a songwriter’s class at Jeffereson College that Adam Yount attended.  Besher recognized Adam’s last name and the two realized that Mel had often played with Adam’s father, who was a member of the prominent bluegrass band called Missouri Natural Grass.

Adam Yount at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
Being the son of such a proficient guitarist, Adam Yount learned how to play early in life.  His father began teaching Adam bluegrass songs at the tender age of nine at their home in Shirley, MO, just west of Potosi.  By his teenage years Adam was ready to try other musical styles and played punk and rock music throughout St. Louis, but as a late teen rediscovered bluegrass and songwriting.  He lists Norman Blake as one of his favorite musicians, and is often found listening to Norman & Nancy Blake’s songs when he comes down to stay on his future farm here in Steelville.  These days Adam considers his musical style contemporary folk and his passion is collecting songs.

In fact, song collecting and preserving old-time music is a shared interest for both Mel and Adam.  Although their musical styles are different, these two singer/songwriters have found it easy to play off of one another.  A typical set will include country originals, bluegrass favorites, folksy humor, flat picking, and fine vocals.

If you are a fan of any of these styles, then be sure to come by Saturday night! There’s no charge to attend, and you are welcome to bring in food, or pick up sausage, cheese and crackers up in the tasting room to munch on while you’re here.

Adam Yount and Mel Besher
To connect with these talented musicians, you can find Mel Besher on Facebook here.  Adam is on facebook here and he also maintains a youtube account here.

Here’s a little video sneak peek of what you might expect on Saturday night:

Sigh….We’ll have to see about finding them a good bottle of wine to set out in front of them on Saturday! 🙂

Around Here in Late July….

Clyde is inspecting his garden of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Mostly we are getting cucumbers. Lots and lots of cucumbers! I made a quick bread out of cucumbers yesterday, and made yet another batch of tzatziki that we gobbled up quickly. Plus we’ve made numerous batches of cucumber and onion salad.

And still they grow! We also expect to be inundated with tomatoes at some point. Lots of green tomatoes, but nothing is showing signs of turning red yet. Guess we’ll be make pickles and relish while we wait for the tomaters!

And then that happened yesterday morning. Our neighbor’s cow had gotten loose looking for her calf, and she had apparently stopped to eat some grass in our field. Our neighbor ended up tying her to the tree at the end of our driveway so he could go home and get a cattle trailer to haul her back home again. She caused a few grins as the folks that live on our road went to work!

Thanks for checking in with us today. Do you have any lost cattle stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments!